The electrical fixtures have been installed. We went with ceiling fans in each bedroom, mini halogens in the kitchen, wall sconces in the bathrooms, and a chandelier in the dining room.

 Ceiling fan

Mini Halogens



The Floors are Beautiful

After 90 years the original heart pine floors are still amazing! After sanding our refinisher looked at the wood and said “These old floors are 1,000 times better than new floors.”  He is a man who knows what he is talking about. Unfortunatly, in a couple rooms we had to replace the floor because it had been damaged over the years.  We went back with pine, but in order to make the color match we had to mix some stains. It should be close.

 Bungalow Heart Pine Floor

Sanded Bungalow Floor

Matching stains on old and new pine floor

Stained Heart Pine Bungalow Floor

Stained Heart Pine Floor