The drywall goes in, and the house is really starting to look like a home!

 Drywall in living room

Drywall Around the Fireplace

Drywall Kitchen

Drywall Dining Room and Kitchen


Adding Insulation

This house will be super cozy! Taking it down to the studs has a huge advantage… insulation in the walls. Unfortunatly, these old bungalows usually don’t have any insulation, but this one will. Our pocket book will be thankful for the lower utility bills!

 Insulating the bungalow walls by the fireplace

Insulation and new windows

Insulation in dining room

Insulation living room

Security System

This place is wired! All of the doors and windows have the tiny new contacts.

Mini Door Contact

Window Contact


 The Brains


New Windows and Doors

We love old windows, but due to extensive damage we decided to replace the windows. Now they all match! And they are double paned wooden windows, which will help us with lower utility bills. We also installed new exterior doors.

Missing bedroom window

Front decorative window

Dining and living room windows

Front door

Back door and windows

Installed windows